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Investment bonus 100%-150% except Basic account
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How I Make $3821 Live with BeeOptions Is BeeOptions a Scam? I usually don’t perform this with our ratings, but I’m going to make an exception with Beeoptions here. Before you… more

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Broker BeeOptions
Website URL
Founded 2012
Headquarters UK
Support Types
Languages English, French, Spanish Russian, Chinese
Trading Platform SpotOption
Minimum 1st Deposit $250
Minimum Trade Amount 10$
Maximum Trade Amount 3000$
Bonus Investment bonus 100%-150% except Basic account
Payout Up to 85%
Free Demo Account Open Demo
Deposit Methods Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Maestro, CarteBleue), Wire Transfer, ePayment Card
Withdrawal Methods Credit/Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, Maestro, CarteBleue), Wire Transfer, ePayment Card
Types of Assets Forex, Metals, Oil, Gold, Indices, Stocks, Commodities
US Traders Allowed Yes
Mobile Trading Yes
Tablet Trading Yes
Overall Score 9.5


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  • Honest trader. Zero price manipulation
  • Super fast and hassle free withdrawals
  • Very good and fast Spot 2.0 interface
  • Very large variety of assets to trade
  • Extremely good support team


  • Limited deposit and withdrawal methods
  • Only first withdrawal via wire is free

Full Review

How I Make $3821 Live with BeeOptions


Is BeeOptions a Scam?

I usually don’t perform this with our ratings, but I’m going to make an exception with Beeoptions here. Before you go into the nitty gritty of their trading platform, One of the better to say that Beeoptions is my fresh absolute favourite broker. They have 1 BIG feature which makes them stand out from the rest of the croud: The masai have a pure honesty policies.

This business are by far the most honest broker on the market. They WANT their traders to achieve success and make more money, because their current strategy is building a brand name for themselves and creating brand awareness, and they say the easiest method to do that is create happy traders. Any trader that has withdrawable revenue and submits all their documents (which may be submitted and confirmed even before making your first deposit), will receive their payment inside 2-3 working days. This really is unheard of in the binary options industry.

These guys are one of the only brokers online that only have excellent ratings from their users:

beeoptions-user1 Beeoptions-user2 Beeoptions-user3 Beeoptions-user4 Beeoptions-user5

Also, they give traders all the info advance. Their sales force doesn’t try to oversell their products, guaranteeing enormous benefits to any trader. They tell it the way it is. As many of us know, a lot of brokers try to tie you down with different deposit bonuses, often neglecting to say the hidden clauses regarding the volume you should trade before you withdraw. Well, with Beeoptions, they not only let you know about it, but they have a dedicated page connected from the main page, with the clauses in big bold letters (is found here:

Beeoptions can be a relatively small broker, but this definitely doesn’t display in their asset portfolio.’s Beeoptions boast a huge 136 different assets, making it all so much simpler for all traders to find an asset that they’ll be comfortable to trade

  • 22 FOREX Currency pairs
  • 41 Indices
  • 8 Commodities
  • 65 stocks in various markets including Nasdaq,European and even Indian Markets

Signing up an Account

Signing up is, as usual, easy. Just fill in a few information and your account is great to go. You obviously won’t be capable to do any real trading until you deposit, but at least you can view some of the trading features not visible to non-registered customers.


User Interface

Beeoptions is one of the first brokers to integrate Spotoption’s Spot 2.0 interface. This is a enormous upgrade over the older trading platform and consists of many new features, which we’ll go into later in the evaluation. The fact that Beeoptions is one of the first of all brokers to implement this platform goes to show how devoted they’re to giving a good buyer experience, despite additional costs to themselves.


Just like the rest of these viewpoint, support with Beeoptions is extremely good. The support people are very technical and actually understand what they’re talking about. I even asked them a couple of technical questions and so they had no problem answering. Perhaps you have realized below, they confirmed that withdrawals are processed and send extremely fast.


Main Trading Page

So, just like I mentioned previously, Beeoptions uses the Spot 2.0 trading platform. This platform is a massive improve from the previous system. Spotoption platforms until now were very easily recognizable since they simply presented a couple of graphs on the main page, which made navigating via a large number of assets a real hassle, as you couldn’t get a “big picture” overview of the asset index.

It has all modified now with Spot 2.0. I have not hidden the truth that I’m not a huge fan of Spotoption systems, but I have to admit that I am VERY impressed with the changes implemented into Spot 2.0. The initial trading page presents something somewhat just like previous platform, for the reason that you see three tradeable assets with graphs. The chart timeframes however can be modified to anywhere between half an hour and 12 hours. This is very helpful for identifying intraday trends and viewing the overall behavior of said asset.

Beeoptions-maintradingpage However, Beeoptions now also has newer and more effective buttons on top right hand side of the main trading page. These buttons offer newer and more effective view displays for trading assets, and make all the difference right now when trading. Take note these view points are just available for regular binary options trading, and not for the additional features which I’ll go into later.


The first iteration of the main trading page provides you with a full list of the tradeable assets, just like the Tech Financials platform. The massive difference there however being that this new user interface has several very useful graphical addition. All the assets for example are graphically shown in addition to supplying the asset name. This will make it much simpler to seek and identify certain assets among the croud. Also, it is simple to see exactly what the current payout is in percent, in addition to what the payout would be for the current investment decision number entered there. Colour of the quote also reflects the current pattern, or more precisely, the direction change of the asset with the newest price update.Beeoptions-2-page Once you click on one of the assets in the list, you receive a drop down of that asset using the current graph, and of course a chance to enter a trade.


The 3rd listing option provides somewhat of a cascade view to the assets. To tell the truth, I don’t see the added value of this type of trading page, and that i how anyone could control a trading session using this screen is beyond me. Perhaps I’m missing something here, but I’d like to be aware what the people there at Spotoption were smoking when they came across this idea.


The 4th listing option is for those that have chosen a specific asset these people that want to trade, and want to target only on that. This view screen simply provides you with one large graph of the asset you select. This makes it much easier to follow along with the asset and of course simpler to trade.


Entering a trade

As always, entering a trade is fast and simple. However , there is one small difference to other platforms. Using the new platform, you now need to choose how much you need to trade before clicking the call or put button. Now, of course this may require getting accustomed to at first, after giving it some considered, I have come to the conclusion that the method is really better, since once you identify an access point, you can accomplish it instantly and don’t have to spend your time entering the investment amount, as you’ve already done that. It’s also great to enter the investment amount using a clear head and not while putting in the trade, since that could sometimes involve emotions, which is something you clearly need to avoid. Now once you enter the call or put button, a trade approval display screen appears. That screen is live and also the rates continue to update. This permits you to now pinpoint and select your exact access point. Once you click the “APPLY” button your rate is going to be locked, and also you ge another “APPROVE” screen, where you have three seconds to approve or end the position. This set up helps to mitigate any slippage.Beeoptions and Trade-approvalAdditional Features


As i’ve already explained, Beeoptions provides a quantity of additional options apart from the regular Call/Put binary options:

Long Term

That is a feature that’s quite unusual with binary options, since binary options are much more related to faster and much more short term time-frames. Through this feature, Beeoptions offers timeframes of 2 days, 7 days, 6 months and 9 months. buying into an option using these timeframes makes it much more similar to real live stock option trading in reality, as possible seen as a form of long term investment. If however you do decide on this option, a strong word of advice, don’t rely on the graphs provided by the broker. You just cannot get any long-term insight on how the asset is going to behave by looking at a twelve hours chart.

Beeoptions with Long-Term

60 Seconds

This feature should much more effectively be names “Short Term” trading, since under this category Beeoptions offers not only 60 second trading, but additionally 30 second and two minute options. While I’m not a big fan of 60 seconds trading, I’m personally curious to see if any technical trading can be performed on 2 minute timeframes.

Beeoptions with 60-seconds

One Touch

Until now, Onetouch trading with Spotoption has been limited by the weekends. Beeoptions now provides this as an intra-week option as well. The idea is just that the assets needs only touch the “Goal Rate” one time for the option to run out in the money. Timeframes for this option are often around two days. The goal rate is within a reasonable boundary, which means it’s not possible for it to reach it. However, it is a greater risk options than the other options, and that’s why the reward is also substantially higher, with payouts being as much as 500%.

Beeoptions with One-Touch

Payouts and Commissions

Beeoptions provides withdrawal in the same method as the deposit, meaning credit card, epayment card or wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal for credit cards is 20 USD/ GBP/ EUR and also for wire transfer is 100 USD/ GBP /EUR. This is ok since they offer 1 withdrawal per month free of charge, and it is performed within just 2-3 working day (!!), no hassle, no fuss. This is perhaps one of the most important features of a broker. Many brokers claim to have no fuss withdrawals, but when looking at moneytime they start they start playing games and do anything they can to stop you from withdrawing. For Beeoptions, the single most important thing for them is happy customers. The direction they see it, if you are requesting for a withdrawal, this means you would like your money, so they send it right over.


Beeoptions has officially become my #1 go to binary options broker. Despite I put aside all of the wonderful features of their trading platform, the only important thing that makes them my favorite is their mindset of how the customer’s satisfaction is key. This is unusual with brokers, as it is a known fact they profit upon trader losses. The visitor assist and service is second to not one, and also the withdrawal rates of speed and consistency is something that definitely warrants giving Beeoptions the number one spot.


One thing is for sure though, Beeoptions is a legitimate binary options broker and can definitely be trusted. To begin trading Binary Options with Beeoptions, visit

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